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Predator 1.5″ Fire Pump 7.5hp Carbide Seal HG15A

Predator 1.5″ Fire Pump 7.5hp Carbide Seal HG15A

Please Note: these are ordered in from the warehouse as required and are not stocked in store.

HG15A Fire Fighter Pump is the ultimate high pressure fire fighter and well able to shift water across pipelines and push water up into higher tanks . If you need a dedicated high pressure pump this is the one to go for. The design of this fire pump features threaded impellers meaning no key-way between the impellers for ultimate durability. Our pumps are built with Silicon Carbide shaft seals. Silicon Carbide gives the ultimate in wear resistance and is proven to offer the longest possible service life.


Quality and durability are nothing without support. We carry spare parts and give an industry leading 2 year warranty on design, assembly and materials to ensure you get simply the very best support, whenever you need it.


With 80 meters (112psi) of pressure head this pump has enough ‘go’ to fight fires and push water over longer pipelines. Easy starting engines and a rugged build mean your pump will last you for many years of hard service.

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