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Plant Doctor Micronised Gypsum Liquid (1L)

Plant Doctor Micronised Gypsum Liquid (1L)

The introduction of the “clay buster” in liquid form allows ease of application and more precision in placement.

A high-analysis source of micronised natural gypsum combined in a free-flowing suspension. The soil conditioning capacity of gypsum is dramatically magnified with the huge increase in surface area associated with micronisation.


  • More convenient and easier to apply than conventional gypsum.
  • A “fast food” source of calcium and sulfur.
  • 25 L is equivalent to 1 tonne of gypsum (in terms of immediately available calcium).
  • The tiny particle size ensures improved coverage and amplifies the soil conditioning and clay-busting capacity of gypsum.
  • A sulfur-based protein builder for cereal crops and pasture.
  • Ideal for growers seeking a natural source of calcium and sulfur.
  • An efficient midseason supplement for sulfur-hungry crops like canola and root crops.
  • A “spoon-feeding” option for light, sandy soils with poor retention of both calcium and sulfur.
  • Useful in the management of high magnesium and sodium in the root zone.



We have found this gypsum has the potential to attract anaerobic microbes which may make the liquid smelly and turn black if not kept air-tight (sealed) immediately after use and stored in a cool location. It is still safe to use after this, however may not be at its best. For larger orders please contact us.

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