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Plant Doctor Lawn Envy Hose on 2L

Plant Doctor Lawn Envy Hose on 2L

Lawn Envy – 2 litre Hose on

Launch Special:-  10% Extra for no extra cost - only while stocks last. 

NPK: 8-1-3 + Fe 1% chelate EDTA plus wetting agent

Looking after your lawn and garden has never been so easy! Due to the overwhelming feedback, we’ve created a combination of our top-selling products to provide a simple, easy-to-apply, pre-mixed product that is ready to use. The Plant Doctor range has been created using the science of nature, and the finest ingredients available. Each product in Lawn Envy has been individually selected to provide the required balance of nutrients to help your lawn or garden remain healthy and disease free throughout the hottest summer and coldest winter. When combined with our 2-litre MaxGreen Hose on, you’ll have everything you need to keep everything looking great all year round, in just a few easy steps.

DIRECTIONS: (Shake well before use)

  • Attach hose to sprayer
  • Turn on tap, point at desired area
  • Pull up tabs on top (black tab = on/off)
  • Evenly spray across your lawn and garden

Apply every 4 weeks and we recommend an additional treatment with MaxGreen to acheive a deeper green colour. Allow 2 weeks between treatments and avoid using in windy conditions.

Covers approx. 200sqm

The bottle can be refilled by using 1L of Plant Doctor’s Lawn Envy concentrate.

Typical Analysis

N 8%

P 1%

K 3%

Fe 1% Iron Chelate EDTA plus wetting agent


You can watch our video here which will help explain the different application methods.

Warning: The product contains Iron micronutrients and will cause staining to porous surfaces.

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