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Plant Doctor Activ8mate

Plant Doctor Activ8mate

Activ8mate liquid fertiliser & inoculant

Call for larger sizes/volumes - freight charges may apply

Typical Analysis: NPK: 8-1-4 + Trace elements

General Application Rate:


5- 7.5 Litres/Ha

Minimum dilution rate: 1:100

Mix well before use.

Most of our liquid products (except liquid iron), can all be mixed and applied together, (The iron should only be mixed with Stimulizer). Or they can be applied separately at various frequencies, based on the soil/plant/lawns requirements and condition.

Unfortunately, as there are a million things that effect the exact amount needed and the frequency of application for each product, there is no one fits all solution. Hence why the experts seem to always have nice looking gardens and lawns and the rest of us struggle.

There are several ways our liquids can be applied:

Watering can: mix the amount suggested (typically 10‐30ml)/9 litres of water.

Hose‐on Bottle (Seasol/weed ‘n feed etc.) or hortex sprayer: mix the minimum amount of water with the product/s to allow you to cover the required area/s. For example, for my front yard, using an old weed n feed hose‐on bottle I add 100ml of each Seaweed Secrets, Activ8mate and Natures Soil Wetter, then top up with enough water to allow you to evenly cover it using the hose‐on bottle (I add about 600ml water), then evenly hose‐on. If using a Hortex sprayer on setting 2 without the restrictor, you shouldn’t need to add water, but if you do, just add as little amount to cover the required area.

Pressure/knapsack sprayer: You need about 15 litres (a little more or less won’t hurt) of water to be applied per 100m2, so take that into consideration when applying. If you have a smaller sprayer, either do several smaller applications i.e. covering 50m at a time and repeat until the entire area is covered, or over a larger area spray with the required amount and if you haven’t used 15 litres/100m2, give a light water‐in

  • ► Powerful……Concentrated.
  • ► Effective immediately.
  • ► More Environmentally Friendly.
  • ► Saves Time & Labour.
  • ► Saves Money.

...from mostly ORGANIC derived ingredients

Activ8mate is both a fertiliser and soil inoculant that can in turn feeds the lawn, plants, trees (etc), providing essential nutrients. With a myriad of key ingredients, it also provides food to soil microbes. This product combines the best of both organic and traditional products to make a great all-purpose liquid fertiliser and soil conditioner

Activ8mate Liquid contains: 

  • Fish liquid concentrate
  • Blood and Bone
  • Seaweed (kelp)
  • Quality USA Humic and Fulvic acid
  • Boosted with traditional fertilisers
  • Includes trace elements & micronutrients

Activ8mate helps stabilize nutrients in the rhizosphere where they remain available over a longer period.

Safe for Environmentally Sensitive Areas …Assessed and Graded by “Sustainable Gardening Australia”

Suitable for use on all turf and plants

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