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ICL Pro Turf Granular Fertiliser 25kg (mini prill)

ICL Pro Turf Granular Fertiliser 25kg (mini prill)

Please note, this is not available to be freighted.

If you are wanting commercial grade fertiliser then look no further, ICL products are inductry leaders in sports turf maintenance and supply a variety of Australia's major sporting grounds, local councils and park area's.


Designed to provide strong growth response and colour boost in spring and summer.

Formulated for nitrogen boost and sustained release

Contains polyhalite for enhanced colour response

Calcium and magnesium to support turf requirements on sand based constructions


Contains higher level of nitrogen to kick-start growth in the spring. balanced levels of potassium and phosphorus along with calcium and magnesium are designed to support turf needs on sand based constructions.


Directions for use:

Apply to dry foliage.

Watering-in after application aids dispersion and gives a quicker initial effect.

Avoid applications during frosty or drought conditions.

Watering-in after application will minimize foot printing risk.

Application should be made after aeration programmes such as hollow timing, slitting and/or scarification to prevent granule damage.


Areas of use:






Please Note: Local collection only.

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