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ICL Maxguard 2G Granular Insecticide (Sold Per Kg)

ICL Maxguard 2G Granular Insecticide (Sold Per Kg)

***Please note this is sold per 1 kg*** Eg: at check out if you require 3 Kg you will need to purchase a quantity of 3.


Maxguard 2G uses an advanced pyrethroid chemistry which is uniquely stable to sunlight.  This provides much longer control (depending on application rate) when compared to other conventional pyrethroids. Maxguard 2G is proven to be very effective even at low application rates.


  • Very effective insect control even at low rates
  • Less active ingredient required to control pest problems
  • Cost effective alternative to preventative systemic insecticides
  • High safety margin / low toxicity



Appication rate                                  Critical comments
Lawn armyworm
(Spodoptera mauritia)

Broadcast MaxGuard 2G with suitable application equipment to ensure uniform coverage over the treated area. 

To ensure optimum control, irrigate the treated area with up to 4mm of water soon after application.

Inspect the treated areas for continuing activity. Reapply as required. 

Where a rate range is indicated use lower rates under lower inspect pressure and higher rates under higher insect pressure. 

Sod webworm
(Herpetogramma licarsisalis)
(Agrotis sp.)
Argentine stem weevil adults 
(Listronotus gonariensis)

60 to 120kg/ha

African black beetle adults 
(Heteronychus arator)
Billlbug adults
(Sphenophorus brunnipennis)
Black and, Coastal brown ant, Funnel ant, Mean ant, Sugar ant and Stinging ant only60-220kg/ha

Apply granules to areas where ants are active. Where possible, apply granules directly to the nest. Use the low rate for maintenance treatments or to control light infestations and the high rate for heavy infestations and for maximum residual control. 

The elimination of Funnel ants froma particular site will generally require more than one application. Intital applications should be broadcast over affected areas. As the inital numbers of active colonies is reduced, appilcations should shift to targeting active mounds. 

Apply granules directly to the mounds and in the area immediately surrounding active mounds (300mm radius)

Maxguard 2G is a fast-acting, contact insecticide in a granular form.

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