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Eco Prime Emerald (Mini Prill) 25kg Bag

Eco Prime Emerald (Mini Prill) 25kg Bag


  • Discrete 1-2mm Prill
  • Sustained Release
  • Low Leaching
  • Biologically Activated


Eco Growth Emerald Mini Prill fertiliser is a complete rock-mineral NPK turf fertiliser designed to enhance the appearance, consistency and playability of premium sports turf surfaces.

Eco Growth Emerald Mini Prill is designed to discretely optimise premium turf areas by selectively balancing nutrition to promote strong root growth and improved leaf strength – leading to hard wearing and tightly knitted playing surfaces.

Our unique combination of natural, mineral-based NPK and trace elements is further enhanced through the addition of beneficial microbes that encourage and stimulate soil / plant interactions.

For best results, use in conjunction with our soil wetter, Eco-Wet® .


Please note: This is only available for local pick up only, unable to freight at this time.

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