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Baileys Liquid Kelp 20L Drum

Baileys Liquid Kelp 20L Drum

Baileys Liquid Kelp is a seaweed based liquid fertiliser, which contains natural hormones, minerals and other elements. It improves the organic component of soil by increasing the cation exchange capacity, helping with chelation and allowing better uptake of macro and micro nutrients into foliage. It is ideal for stimulating plant growth and supplies many elements which are not commonly found in other fertilisers.

Most liquid seaweed based products are made by hydrolysis, a chemical reaction with water which splits into hydrogen and hydroxide, breaking down polymers.

Baileys Liquid Kelp is a fine liquid mixture, made through a mild process which gives a slightly acidic product. It does not suffer from thickening over time and skin formation is minimal, even when exposed to the air. This product is very unlikely to cause the problems during application previously outlined.

As Baileys Liquid Kelp is acidic, it can be mixed with fish emulsion. It is also possible to mix the kelp with metal sulphates and metal nitrates to address trace element deficiencies. Although the removal of some of the alginate breakdown products can reduce beneficial components of the product, the major plant regulators are not removed or affected.

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