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Baileys Lawn Reviver 30L Bag (Top Dress)

Baileys Lawn Reviver 30L Bag (Top Dress)

After a long period of winter dormancy, use Baileys Lawn Reviver to improve your lawns visual appearance within days. The organic structure works through the lawn’s profile to activate microbial action and stimulate earthworm activity, promoting healthy growth. Water retention is increased, water run-off and evaporation are reduced and disease resistance increased. 


Pre-plant: Prepare the area for lawn planting by removing sticks and stones and coagulated soil. Arrange your contours as desired then add Baileys Lawn Reviver to the topsoil at 100m-150mm thick. Work into the topsoil then plant out seeds or stolons. Ideal preparation for roll-on lawn. Use Baileys Energy Turf Lawn food as directed to promote early growth. Water well.


As Top Dress: After mowing, vertimowing or scarifying, spread Baileys Lawn Reviver evenly over the surface of the lawn to a thickness of 5-10mm. Work into the lawn using the back of a rake or sand spreader. Water well.

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