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Baileys Lawn Grow (1L)

Baileys Lawn Grow (1L)

Turfect® GROW is a professional liquid fertiliser, formulated to produce deep green colour and vigorous turf growth quickly. As a foliar applied product, it can be used throughout the year, particularly in cooler months to maintain colour and health. It provides a readily available source of essential turf nutrients nitrogen, iron, magnesium and manganese to rapidly address deficiency. 


  • Provides all essential turf nutrients for healthy growth and extended deep greening.
  • Maintains colour year round. Foliar application is more effective than granular products in cooler months.
  • Ideal for high pH soils where iron & manganese are soils bound.
  • Enriched with humic acid to optimise nutrient uptake and turf health.
  • Contains Biowish™ Microbe Technology to boost native microbe populations, root growth and nutrient availability.
  • Premium product used by turf professionals at major sporting venues.


9.2%N, 3%K, 5.6%S, 0.5%Mg, 4.3%Fe, 2%Mn


Rate / M²Rate / 100²Minimum Dilution Frequency 
3-5ml300-500ml1:10 water ratio For best results apply every 3-4 weeks 


Or add 100ml to 1L of water and apply over 20-30m²

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