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Baileys Grosorb Liquid RTU 2L Bottle

Baileys Grosorb Liquid RTU 2L Bottle

Grosorb enables water to penetrate hydrophobic soils and assists absorption, movement and retention. It promotes plant root development by facilitating an even distribution of water to all areas of the plants container, or when applied to gardens and turf, eliminates ‘run off’ allowing water to soak through the soil. Grosorb also assists the effective use of fertiliser by channelling nutrients directly into the plant root zone. This product is safe and easy to apply and comes available in both granulated and liquid form for various application needs. Cost effective, it conserves water and reduces the frequency of irrigation treatments.


Various soils types in Australia often suffer a hydrophobic (water repellent) condition, commonly referred to as ‘run-off ’. This condition occurs naturally, but particularly in soils which are regularly tilled and as gardens and lawns become more established. Similarly garden pots, planters and hanging baskets are affected.


  • Remove pin from top of spray nozzle.
  • Connect hose to applicator using a click-on hoseconnector.
  • Apply contents of container over 200m².


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