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Baileys Grosorb Granulated 2.5L Bag

Baileys Grosorb Granulated 2.5L Bag

Baileys Grosorb is a professional grade soil wetter, designed to correct water repellent (hydrophobic) soil conditions. Grosorb facilitates water absorption and retention to eliminate run-off, surface pooling and associated problems such as dry patch. As an organic based, granular product, it is safe and easy to apply.


Correct water repellent soils with Baileys Grosorb
Most Australian soils suffer from a hydrophobic condition, commonly referred to as “run-off”. This condition occurs naturally, but particularly in soils which are regularly worked and as gardens and lawns become more established. Similarly garden pots and planters are also affected. Baileys Grosorb is designed to correct this, breaking down the waxy barrier causing the problem and allowing water to rapidly soak through the soil.


Reduce water use and improve plant growth
The use of Grosorb will make the most of the water you apply, ensuring it is absorbed and not lost to the environment through evaporation and run-off. This in turn enables healthy plant growth and root development as water and applied nutrients are channelled into the root zone. 


Application Rate

  • Recommended application rates range from 20 to 60 grams per square metre, or 200 to 600kg/ha depending on longevity required.


  • For best result apply Baileys Grosorb at a rate of 40 - 60 grams per square metre, or 400 - 600 kg per hectare.


  • Apply evenly to the surface, lightly work into the topsoil and water in well to activate.


  • For pots, hanging baskets and containerised plants apply Grosorb™ at a rate of 1 teaspoon for every 75 mm diameter width of the container.


  • Observe and apply up to twice a year, particularly in the growing season and ideally in early summer.


  • Always water thoroughly after every application of Baileys Grosorb™


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